​"Iran got its happy ending, and all we got was a bitter taste in our mouths."

The Book is Finally Out!

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"After over 13 long years of fighting, militant Islam has grown twenty-fold."

"The goal of militant Islam is to subjugate the entire world to their brand of Islam and Sharia law, because they believe they have been commanded by Allah and Muhammad to do so."

"This book will show you exactly why we are doomed, but it will also show you how we can change our fate ... if we have the will and the courage to do it."

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​"Though we cannot hope to change the way governments and politicians – and indeed large populations of people - think and act, we do not have to rely for our continued safety and existence upon institutions which mistake for enlightenment a willful departure from logic, fact, and reasoned discourse."

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"Though we did not intend to be the major factor in the growth of Militant Islam, we have indeed been the most direct and effective driver of its growth and its radicalization to the severe extreme."

In Doomed, Swandog takes on everyone who has had a hand in crafting our cultural and national attitudes toward militant Islam - liberal and conservative alike - even calling out Fox News's Dana Perino for her refusal to believe that U.S. actions contribute in any way to radicalization. Swandog mercilessly rips our refusal to acknowledge the Islamic nature of our enemy, our concern for political correctness, and even the anti-gun hysteria of our country as factors contributing to our demise at the hands of militant Islam.  He pulls no punches in explaining the rise of militant Islam and the abject failure of the War on Terror.  He exposes the "institutionalized idiocy" that drives our thinking, sheds light on why we are losing the War on Terror, and provides a comprehensive and well-grounded strategy for the destruction of the Islamic State and the eradication of militant Islam, which includes Iran.  Doomed is a must-read for any freedom-loving person.  It is shocking, irreverent, informed, and authoritative.  Buy it today!