• Swandog does not request nor will he accept compensation for any news interview.
  • TV media outlets should have an affiliate in Little Rock, Arkansas where Swandog can appear for his interview.
  • Swandog STRONGLY recommends you have an expert speak with him off the record, at length, and in depth regarding the Team Swandog strategy and operations prior to any interview.
  • There may be questions regarding details of strategy and tactics that Swandog cannot answer.
  • There may be other questions Swandog will not be able to answer.
  • Though he does not shy away from tough questions or full, open, and honest discourse along legitimate lines of inquiry, Swandog does not sit for hit pieces.  You will be informed of specific requirements he may invoke to prevent this.  If gotcha journalism is your game, don't expect Swandog to play well with you.

Tell us  specifically about what you'd like to book Swandog for, and we'll contact you with Swandog's availabilities and a quote (if a compensated engagement).  Please indicate if you need a rush response.



Swandog speaks to groups large and small on the jihad being waged against us by militant Islam and the strategy to swiftly win it.  If you like what you read in Doomed, you will love having Swandog speak at your event.  You will find him emphatic and unapologetic as well as an authoritative yet humorous and irreverent speaker.  Swandog has a busy schedule and is in high demand, so his speaker's fee is considerable. He does, however, try to accommodate smaller groups with smaller budgets.  In many instances, your purchase of books to be autographed and given away at your event can cover a portion or even all of the speaker's fee.  Please note that Swandog's speaking and operations against militant Islam have made him a high-value target for many radical groups.  The previous attempt on his life has caused him to adopt stringent security requirements for public appearances.


Swandog is available without compensation for media interviews regarding Doomed and Team Swandog's strategy and upcoming paramilitary operations against the Islamic State.


Swandog is also available, for compensation and subject to his schedule, to provide analysis, commentary, and expert opinion on all matters related to militant Islam, its impact on the world, and strategies to stop it, including but not limited to:

  • ​the religious nature of the enemy and its jihad
  • ​the social / psychological mechanisms of radicalization and how to combat it
  • gun control / open carry as relates to our defense against domestic attacks
  • online radicalization and the fallacy of the self-radicalized lone wolf
  • the utter deficiencies of current and planned "solutions" for "managing" or "containing" the Islamic State and militant Islam
  • ​the Iran solution