Team Swandog is the NGO (non-governmental organization) dedicated to combating militant Islam globally.  We are the only NGO whose sole mission is the destruction of the Islamic State and the eradication of militant Islam from the planet.  Team Swandog was created in August 2014 by a group of former special operators with intelligence community backgrounds who unanimously elected Swandog as their Commander and spokesman.  Team Swandog was formed as a reaction to the fact that the governments of the world are completely incapable of formulating and executing a strategy to destroy the Islamic State, let alone eradicate the enemy, which is militant Islam.  Swandog has twice been reaffirmed as Commander of the team which bears his name.

Under Swandog's leadership, the team formulated an entirely private sector strategy not just to defeat and destroy the Islamic State but to eradicate militant Islam from the planet for all time.  This strategy is one of intense and relentless guerrilla warfare operations and includes the destruction of Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Al Shabaab, Abu Sayyaf, Hamas, Hezbollah, and even the toppling of the regime of the mullahs and the Ayatollah in Iran.  The strategy is laid out in general terms in Swandog's new book, Doomed: the Rise of Militant Islam and Our Inability to Stop It.  Team Swandog's strategy is the only strategy put forward that acknowledges the fact that we are embroiled in a religious war and builds on a correct understanding of radicalization and militant Islam to ensure the ultimate vanquishing of this evil ideology.

For six months in 2014 and 2015, Team Swandog had advance teams operating in noncombat roles in the Islamic State theater of operation, numbering 480 at peak strength.  We are now assembling a private paramilitary force of 3,000 active and 2,000 reserve operators and training them in our specific brand of guerrilla warfare.  We are confident the people, churches, and businesses of the United States and other freedom-loving countries will quickly come together and fund our operations to eradicate militant Islam before it eradicates us.

Thinking people know that there is no escaping the fact that we are neck-deep in a religious war.  They also know that we will lose this war unless we quickly and radically alter our strategy and start fighting it like the religious war it truly is.  

The governments and the militaries of the free world are not suited to this kind of war, but Team Swandog is.  Click here to find out how you can support Team Swandog or even join the fight against militant Islam.

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